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Konversation på internet med en viss Jesper..

I just have nothing more to say. I say you were lying and you don’t agree, you think I miss-interpreted what you said.

Here it is in simple words:

1. You have a girlfriend
2. In spite of having a girlfriend you flirt with me more than is decent
3. You tell me that you are over and have been so since you both moved to the states
4. You tell me that when she moves back from the states you will NOT be getting back together
5. I ask you why you are in a relationship in Facebook since all along you’ve told me that you two were over
6. You say that you don’t want to talk about it any further since you feel that you’ve been very clear previously
7. It smells fishy to me so I tell you unless you can be completely honest with me I don’t want anything to do with this
8. You finally write it out loud that you still are in a relationship and claim that you’ve been very clear about this all along
9. I go back in our Facebook messages, find these ones among others:

11/19, 9:53pm

Someone just mentioned me and Karin, and we’re are living separate lives and have done so since last October. I left to USA, we were about to break up anyways. It’s been standby since, we’re not getting back together when she returns from the States. That’s also why I’ll move to DK to my own apartment when it’s no longer rented out. Hasn’t been a problem about the standby so far, now it might…

11/19, 11:11pm

We were about to break up. We’re both career persons and we had USA as a common dream. We then decided we wanted to live out the adventure each on our own, me in California and Karin in New York. I’ve helped each other to fulfill our dreams. Today we’re friends, but we have moved past the relationship part

10. All along our conversations you keep on pushing me and asking questions on what my feelings for you are and get mad at me when I don’t respond like you want me to.
11. You continue on your claims on how you’ve been clear all along and somehow I was the one who was expecting more out of this
12. Too much drama for me, so I just removed myself out of the situation
13. You kept on writing since you couldn’t understand why we weren’t writing like before
14. I explained where I was standing
15. Instead of apologizing and putting an end to this you still continue on attacking me on how I was the one that miss-interpreted everything and that you have not been lying or leading me on.
16. Somehow I’ve all along been the one keeping you at a distance because I didn’t understand what your business with Karin was and you still manage to turn it against me as if I was the one expecting more because you were only in it for the friendship and were clear about it all along.
17. I am pretty damn awesome, too awesome to be involved with involved people so that’s why when I understood where that was going, I stopped and put you against the wall.

When you are ready to apologise and really mean it and be honest with me, then we can be friends.

    • Ja det var en som gick mig på nerverna ett tag :)

  1. Elena Goncharuk said:

    Män är så vidriga ibland… Vad hände här liksom? Bra att du inte accepterar sådan beteende.

    • Jag förstod knappt själv vad som hände. Det började som vänner..till att prata hela tiden på facebook och telefon. Trodde fortfarande att vi bara var vänner fast från hans sida så blev det mer och mer som en flört. Tills det kom fram att han inte har avslutat saker och ting med sin flickvän och helt plötsligt var det jag som hade misupfattat det han hade sagt.. eh..

    • jag med! Är livrädd för höjder annars men älskar hur det framför känslan av frihet <3


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