The intouchables

A skype conversation with Edward.

Edward: Hey
Nat: Hi
Edward: Are you going to Sweden for X-Mas?
Nat: I am already in sweden :)
Edward: I see :)
Nat: Are you going to your mom’s or just staying in copenhagen for christmas?
Edward: I’m at my mom’s….at times already I wish I was in Copenhagen
Nat: Haha me too, they’re driving me mad. Had to go to my room and close the door for some minutes.
Edward: A few minutes? That’s nothing
Nat: I’ve been here for half an hour already, it is very nice just me and my music

Edward: Thought you might like this song:

Don’t know if you’ve heard it before
Nat: I’ll check. Yeah I’ve heard it, it is a very nice one.
My newest obsession:

Edward: Mats told me you were going to some physics institute Friday bar last Friday. Was it good?
Nat: we went to Avej instead because Caro was going there too. We got her to play the dice game and she loved it. Don’t know if you know what it is, but we write down six challenges, one should be a bit harder and then throw the dice and do whatever the dice says to do
Edward: Sounds like an excellent game
Nat: it’s awesome, managed even to smuggle in one of Mats friends in there and then went to some other bars in town to continue the game. It wan’t fun to wake up saturday and pack everything and go to sweden. Last minute – Nat :)

Edward: At least you made it….I have a habit of not making my flights these days
Nat: Haha, I was very close to not making my flight, was even considering to deny myself food if I wouldn’t make it to my christmas flight
Edward: Ha ha…when I missed my flight in Malaysia, I denied myself food for the most of the day, and forced myself to sit inside and write emails even though it was awesome weather outside
Nat: I got that inspiration from your story haha. Have you packed your stuff for singapore yet?
Edward: Nope. Wont be packing that much. Christoffer is taking over the place until it gets sold, so just need to pack some clothes. I’ll have my MBA books sent later.
Nat: ah okay, does he have a new job now?
Edward: Yes, he got hired as a business development manager = suit up every day. The dude has like 10-15 suits
Nat: haha, nice. It’s a good investment, you should do that too :P. The Harvey Specter kind of suits, not the cheap ones.

Yeah I know….haven’t been able to afford them lately, but will definitely buy some in Singapore. Thinking Armani and Boss. It’s going to be a bit weird to leave Denmark and the company though.
Nat: it is going to be weird not to have you around anymore..
Edward: No one to piss you off
Nat: Haha you do that very well
Edward: It’s one of my super powers apparently
Nat: Nah, you’re just like an annoying fly that you can’t hit so it keeps on flying around
Edward: Touche
Nat: It’s good to have superpowers ;)

Edward: Saw that movie ”The intouchables” by the way. Pretty awesome….one of my favorite movies of all times. Här högg det till lite i hjärtat, han har förmodligen varit på bio och sett den med någon annan.
Nat: I’ve got to see that one too, people are talking about it everywhere.
Edward: Anyway just wanted to say hi and hear how it was going. Olly is wanting to play.
Nat: Yeah I’ve got to play Wii too, I’m on duty.
Edward: Let’s keep in touch
Nat: Yep :) see you in january anyways
Edward: Definitely, bye for now
Nat: Bye

Det gjorde lite ont i hjärtat.




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