The walking dead sunday

”Naaat?” hör jag Buller ropa från vardagsrummet.
”Yees?” ropar jag tillbaka och går ut från mitt rum
”Are we gonna watch any walking dead today?”. Buller låter väldigt hes.
”Yeah, we can. Maybe a bit later? I’m watching Mad men now”.
”Ah you’re preparing for next week’s rockabilly friday”
”Yeah totally, I’m gonna slut it up”. Buller skrattar.
”Yeah I’m gonna be a slut too!” säger han men det fattas entusiasm i hans röst.

”You sound like you’re suffering, when did you get home yesterday, around 6-ish?”
”Yeah..kind of. I see here I texted you around 4 in the morning if you were up for a party, did I wake you up?”
”Yeah haha, I was sleeping. Didn’t get out yesterday. Did you go somewhere else besides the christmas party?”
”Yeah the party was outside of copenhagen and then we took the train to Nørreport around 4 I guess and then people just I didn’t want to be one of those guys..”
”The going to a bar and hanging out alone?”
”Yeah that kind..hitting on random girls”

”Haha I’ve actually considered going out alone, just for the fun of it. Last time I went out, when Christian was late, I went to Kassen and parked myself by the bar, you should have seen the hungry eyes around. It is a meat market!”.
”It is..but I don’t like going out alone” säger Buller medan vi satt i soffan och väntade på att The walking dead avsnittet skulle komma igång.
”You know, friday when I was out, I was talking to this 22-year old guy. I could have got him home if I wanted to, he seemed interested..but I just got bored somehow. He was 22, too young and frankly too boring for me, I need a challenge. So I just went home”.
”Well danish guys are that way..we’ve been..uhm..” Buller lät fundersam.
”Panzies? Whipped by danish girls for years?” sa jag skrattandes.
”Yeah, we’re all whipped” och vi skrattade båda två.

”I really need to get out there and date somebody..not just meet random people every weekend. I need to date someone and feel other kinds of feelings, get my mind off things..”
”Sounds like a good idea..”
”But I never meet the dating kind of people. Not even Christian will write to me, wtf”.
”Stupid Christian!” säger Buller varje gång vi nämner honom, ”Considering from how he’s behaving, writing to you every two weeks or so..and barely keeping any contact..and when you finally meet and he gets you home, nothing happens..Well he seems a bit shy to me”.
”But what am I supposed to do? How should I act in this situation?”
”You could be the one that takes control, write to him or something”

”Haha, Christian was going through my pictures on Facebook and accidentally liked one of the pictures”
”Hahahaha caught in the middle of stalking, hahaha”
”Yeah, it is so awesome when that happens.. but I don’t know, he might be shy but he kind of gives me the ‘not that into you’ vibe by not writing to me, or just by being so passive”.
”Stupid Christian!” säger Buller igen och skakar på huvudet. Avsnittet har redan börjat och vi slökollar medan vi äter choklad och dricker kaffe.



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