Metrosexual or gay?

”Any plans for the weekend?”
frågade Mikkel mig igår på morgonen.
”Don’t know yet, I have this dilemma today, to meet or not to meet this guy”.
”The gay guy?” frågade Sølver från sin plats.
”Yeah him, he wanted to watch a movie with me but I don’t know if he is gay, I mean..I think that he is”.
”How do you know that he is gay?” frågade Mikkel.
”I don’t know, I just get the gay vibe, kind of, but then he kissed me so then maybe he’s not gay?”
”Where did you meet this guy?”
”At a friday bar, we were having fun and running around drunk and listening to music on my phone and all of the time I was thinking that he was gay and then he kissed me”.
”Oh..I see..” säger Mikkel
”So I was surprised .but I’m not sure now if he did it just because it was a fun thing or because he was interested?”
”And so now he wants to watch a movie with you?”
”Yes..a french movie but I don’t know if he wants to hang out as friends or hang out..”
”And he hasn’t said anything if he’s gay or not?”
”No..and I don’t want to ask..because if he isn’t open with it then it might be sensitive..” sa jag och ryckte på axlarna.
”Yes yes..of course..” Mikkel som själv är gift med en man höll med. ”But if he isn’t gay, would you be interested in him that way?”
”Well not really..I’m kind of friendzoning him”.
”And you don’t think that he is just metrosexual?”

”I am into metrosexual guys..but I really think he is gay, or at least I thought that last friday”
”But why don’t you just say yes to the movie thing and find out..what’s a wasted thursday?”
”Yeah you’re right..and it is not a wasted time if it’s in good company” sa jag och Mikkel nickade. ”I do think that the guy is fun to hang out with”.
”See there you go..”
”But if he kisses me again..?”
”So what, have some fun, get some action” säger Sølver.
”But I don’t want to be the one that turns him gay”
”You won’t know that until you sleep with him or something”.
”You only want some gossip, don’t you?”
”No but you could do with some action these days”
”Yeah but if I’m friendzoning him and he is gayzoning me..”
” that even a word?”
” would be me having a 100% market, chasing not only straight guys but also girls and gays.”
”You’re not gay if you kiss a gay guy”
”I am gay..or I don’t know..I am confused now”.
”Then I am a certified lesbian!” säger Sølver och ler helt nöjd. Jag kunde inte hålla mig för skrattet.
”You know what, I actually like him, he’s fun to hang out with, I’ll say yes to the movie thing instead of rutting alone in my room!”


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