People must think we are crazy

Igår vid lunchen satt jag och flörtade hejvilt med Mats, to complete my challenge som var ”hit on random dude before you get to work” i måndags. Jag försökte att flörta på flygplatsen men det gick inte så bra, så my challenge hängde kvar.

”Your favorite left the table right after you” skrev jag till honom på Facebook.
”I was worried she would leave with me”
”She got all nervous and asked what the time was, hahaha. She really really hates me”
”She is really not very subtle in any way”
”When I was making a flirty joke or something, it looked like she was about to choke. hahahaha”
”Hahaha, good fun”
”Loving it”
”Other people must think we are crazy”
”They already think I’m crazy. My reputation precedes me”

”I have a fruit fly as a’s annoying me” skrev jag till honom igen.
”Kill it”
”It hides everytime I prepare to kill it”
”Bait it with some candy”
”I’m gonna kill it or I’m going to kill myself..only one of us gets to live”
”I can’t stand this office anymore, my god it is sooo quiet”
”indeed… it’s because the professor is so serious”
”He needs to take it easy sometimes..and what’s wrong with the other people..I’m the only one making sounds here”
”I miss the day where we had music in the office..because you have a noisy keyboard”
”I miss that day too..I’m not talking about the keyboard, I’m talking about talking and sounding or freaking out about the fruit fly. It is the professor’s pet now ”:p
”It’s because you’re smelly over there.. no flies in this end”
”I smell good. Chanel coco mademoiselle”
” the flies”
”Yeah flies go after shit, we know that..but it is on its way to you now..”


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