I can’t win against Asia

”How come you’re single?” frågade jag honom.
”Mainly because of this China thing. I’ll be going there for a year and that would complicate things”.

”Is it the half a year/year that you get to take abroad when doing a phD?”
”No my project is in collaboration with some research group in China and it is required for me to do a part of the work there”.

”Ah okay.. and where in China?”
”Initially it was supposed to be Beijing but there were no free spots there anymore, don’t know why it didn’t work out, so now I’ll have to be in a smaller city where they don’t really speak any english. So I’ll have to learn chinese to communicate with the locals”.

”It probably is tough in the beginning but I’m sure you’ll pick up some chinese. You’ll probably become a celebrity over there being 2m tall and all…”

”Haha yeah, who knows..”
”I have a friend in Beijing who’s 2m tall and looks like a viking, people stop him in the streets to take pictures with him. He probably loves it”.

So how are you liking Copenhagen?”
”Copenhagen is a cool city and I am having fun. It was tough in the beginning because I didn’t know any people and it could be a bit lonely but Caro and Buller take me out on adventures and I get to meet a lot of nice people around, so I like this city much better now”.

”How did you meet Caro?”

”We worked together at my company before she changed phD projects and were friends ever since. She’s great and we’re so alike in so many things so we always have fun”.
”She’s like you..a free spirit too, isn’t she?”.
”Yeah I guess that we are..”

Jag tycker om hur han uttrycker sig.

  1. Julia said:

    Ringde han?? Eller är det en konversation från baren?

    • Nej han har inte hört av sig, detta är från i fredags :)


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