Light up, light up. As if you have a choice

Någon gång i början av juni när vi fortfarande var ihop.

”Why do you look so sad?”
”Because I found out something about Caro and it made me sad”
”What did you find out?”
”I’m not supposed to tell you”
”Is she quitting?”
Och jag nickade med huvudet och kämpade för att hålla emot tårarna. ”Yes, she’s telling everyone today in the kitchen”
”Aww I’m so sorry, I know how much she means to you..but you’ll still see her”
”Yes but it won’t be the same..I’ll miss her everyday. I’ll miss going to her office just to chat for a minute or two.”
”Did she find a better job?”
”She found another phD position, a project that was more interesting to her. She’ll work on diabetes and finding genes..things like that.”
”That is very sad news though..I am so sorry for you.”
Han kom och kramade mig och pussade mig i pannan. ”You’ll still see her, she’s still your friend.”

Caros sista dag var igår.

”I wanted to call you yesterday to hear how you were doing. I know that you must have been sad about her last day.”
”Yes I was very sad yesterday. Cleaned the apartment for two hours just not to think of the sadness.”
”But you guys will still see each other, you’re inseparable.”
”Oh I have her on skype, I’m sending her poems all the time. She left for that festival in germany today. That’s a whole week without her, I’m all alone”
”But we’ll still have fun in here. Me and Birdie are fun” Han viftade med handen mot den andra killens skrivbord vi delar kontor med.
”It’s not the same..I still miss her”

Han log och jag vände ryggen mot och tittade på min skärm medan jag höll emot tårarna..



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